Yes i understand 69 is an unoriginal joke. but this is in 2015. The video series (which is a parody of nyan neko sugar girls) is a homestuck-animeish. Highschool thing. We're this person known as sakura-chan has a crush on one of the characters of homestuck known as karkat. The creator is also known for making more memes in underpootis. Like EARRAPE , and , DOCTOR CHAN. Anyways. Back to the meme. The meme all started when migz was watching the series of videos. The videos contained 4 parts. At part 4 it ended a very tragic end. But whatever. lets get to the meme. the meme starts with sakura-chan thinking about karkat. And terezi asking why is she always late. When all of us sudden. Sollux (the teacher) goes " alright cclass tturn to ppage 69." Sakura chan begins to ignore the fact about that. and instead of listening. The next scene comes up with sullox saying" ssakura chan please pay attention, okay so if you turn to page 69 you will see a picture of a dong" which it says here. Thats all i need to explain.