Tofu Creeper also known as TofuInklingTV was one of Galex's friends but not anymore. Due to drama.

He was an Underpootis member that joined June,???,2016 and Kicked September 8th 2016 and Re-Kicked October,12,2016

He's been kicked for starting drama 7 times He started a drama with Gabe,He started a drama with Osmar and Even started drama with Galex 5 times. First drama that he started with Galex was When Tofu was telling Galex to Kill himself because he's a brony. Second drama that he started with Galex was when Galex posted one of Tofu's Old Posts on Deviant Art. Third Drama that he started with Galex when Galex refuses to Re Unite with Darkkirby. Fourth Drama that Tofu started with Galex was when Galex had enough with Tofu Harassing him just because Galex did not like Darkkirby So Galex told one of his Friends named Kairamen to Block Tofu and Unfriend Him. Fifth drama that he started with Galex was when Tofu was harassing and making fun of Smoreo for his uncle's death.

Another reason why Tofu also got kicked was When He was Harassing and making fun of Smoreo for his uncle death. Which angered Galex,Migz and Exp(When He use to like us) after Tofu made fun of smoreo for his uncle's death. The Underpootis Wikia & Group were attacked and Raided.

He was also annoying,interacting and kept spamming links in the chat.

He also spammed NSFW Links Like Diaper Fetish stuff.

He also has some kind of Fetish on Galex as well.

He also keeps spam calling.

Migz kept warning him and rest of the underpootis members were trying to warn him as well but he keeps on doing the same shit again and again.

And keeps repeating shit that he already heard off.

So He's been Re-Kicked from Underpootis again He pissed off everyone in Underpootis. People were pissed because of his racist,homophobic messages and using the word autism.

B.I.H Tofu You'll never be missed

Tofu Creeper

June,???,2016 To September,8th,2016 To October,12,2016.