Sierra was an underpootis member who got kicked due to the fact that she was secretly recording and never listened to the rules. And causing more hatred on the group. It all started on november 5th, when migz asked her if she wanted to join. She said yes and migz told her the rules. SHE NEVER LISTENED TO THEM. But when sierra got on. Jon had a really bad urge to have migz kick her out right away. Migz declined because he was a fucking dumbass back then. but anyways. Continuing on. sierra was on underpootis. And jon had the urge to kick her out due to all the shit she was doing back then. but instead she said that she has changed. Which tbh. She hasn't really changed. so. migz said no. And convinced him to started liking her. it didn't work . So jon started telling migz secrets about how he doesn't like her. And migz agreed. Sierra then got roblox. And started raging and crying for no reason. Until one day we just couldn't stand it anymore. And we kicked out sierra for being a "good" user. because she was literally making shitty video's about travis leaving her. With titles like " CHEER ME UP" and "Apology To Travis And Underpootis" After a week of making shitty videos. Travis decides to go back to her and start doing stuff with her. And she made a group called pikapikachat which is pretty much a rip-off of underpootis and maingout. Migz didn't like the idea of that. But he was interested in some people there. Which is SnowpeaGamer ( the meme kid ) and Juspar, (Another meme kid) So migz quickly joined and said " Sup bitches" And so on. he said jk. Hi. And he called them. They answered. And everything went well. Migz decided to unblock sierra and invited her back. And invited Snowpea, Kaya , And juspar. They all had fun, And made memes. Until one day. Sierra of course starts being not-friendly to lemon and jon. So migz went in there to go and defend him. And they backed migz up. And finally it got so annoying that sierra was saying " PLZ DON'T KICK ME ;(" Travis agreed with some of our parts and understood kicking sierra out once again. And everything lived on happily. Snowpea, juspar, And kaya are still on underpootis to THIS DAY. and they are enjoying it.

Next time kids. Read the rules of the group before you go ape-shit.

Lemon likes to raid her streams