Marcus recently joined underpootis because of his old group quakefreaks. Migz found out about him from travis and jon. Quakefreaks has been cancelled because of school though. Galex also knows marcus

Migz decided it was a good idea to have marcus in underpootis because of all the shit that went down (The4 maingout attack, get it?)


Needs to leave.

Fuck you.



  1. He founded TeePublic so he and Migz/Mogzy/Jizz/Notmigz/notmigzy made the Underpootis Merchandise
  2. He's another british member
  3. He's also one of the important members
  4. He also draws
  5. He likes SBAHJ and prefers to look like Hella Jeff (xd)
  6. First polandball fan on Underpootis
  7. Can't into skype, but discord.