Maingout is a google hangouts group that was created in early 2015, Maingout and Underpootis do not get along, and most Maingout members have superiority complexes.

Tension with Underpootis Edit

Maingout hates Underpootis because they find their members annoying, so they bully and belittle Underpootis members.

"Raid" Edit

In September 2016, Maingout, (being the decent human beings that they are), decides to fake an argument and send Pluto into Underpootis to "spy" and leak info, nothing much really happened in Underpootis (unless you consider Galex calling Maingout members "communists" as something worth noting) except for the fact that Tofu made fun of Smoreo's dead uncle, when Pluto discovered this, (despite the fact that it was ONE person who made fun of Smoreo's uncle's death, who later was kicked for it) she decided to make it look like all Underpootis members were evil sociopaths, and basically started a smear campaign against them in order to convince the general public that Underpootis was bad or some shit.

In the end when Pluto revealed her true nature she said "how dare you talk about my friends like that" as if they were fucking royalty, and Maingout treated this whole raid like it was some sort of magnificent achievement.

Former Maingout members who are now part of Underpootis Edit

  • Mike
  • IA