Homestuck is one of migz's and some of underpootis members' obsession. Most of the underpootis members like the web comic and made some memes about it, Homestuck is a web comic by Andrew Hussie, And the soundtrack is made by some people you may know. Such as Toby Fox. And no. He didn't just make megalovania. He also made others. Anyways. the webcomic is about a kid known as John Egbert. He has an obsession with very bad movies. And at first it starts boring. But when you continue on into the story it gets more detailed and action packed. For example. Anyways. It starts getting even more action packed after that. When the other kids. And when the trolls are introduced. More species go along the stories. Like the Ancestors. And many more.

And Travis is tired of his "Crazy Obsession" over Homestuck.

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