darkkirby8976 is some fag who makes fun of galex. and talks about caillou justice, and makes these videos called "War Videos" which he uses ms paint to make these videos. He is a 15 year old. He wants to defend his childhood from grounded videos. He has a caillou and advacned wars feitish and ruins the advanced wars franchises He says he will murder people who hate caillou. Calls caillou haters "Black Hole thugs" Calls you a bastard and calls you pathetic, and tells you to shut up. SOOOO CHILDISH... Calls Galex a Ex Blue Moon Member. Says Galex's name wrong. He says Galax. And he makes sequels out of your video if you make a video out of caillou or advanced wars.

His Main Channel:

His Channel where he makes his shitty war video