1.PikaPikaGirl/Sierra:Sierra is being a dick lately. She kept trying to get people's attention,make stupid excuses,can't even take jokes,even forgot about the Underpootis member rules, she got kicked like two fucking times. When we kicked her out for the first time, Everyone finally thanked Migz for kicking her out because she kept annoying everyone. After Sierra got kicked, she made a underpootis ripoff called Pikapikachat. And soon made a wikia.

2.Friendly Girl Gamer/Emily:Emily is another attention whore who also can't take jokes,she gets triggered all the time and even got Migz almost in trouble at school. Yes she is a student at Migz's school. She called the principle about Migz and then the principle called Migz and then Augustine came and they both explain what Emily did. And it was Migz's lucky day that the principle was on Migz's side.

3.Tofu Creeper:An asshole who has done some shit for a very long time. He made fun of Smoreo's tears when his uncle died. He even joined Pikapikachat(A group we hate). He called Galex a hypocrite because he shipped this "Travierria" Shit or what ever. Galex didn't ship Travis and Sierra. Tofu doesnt even know what a hypocrite means. The synomys of Hypocite is a pretender, dissembler, deceiver, liar, pietist, sanctimonious person, plaster saint. And one of those two words are Pretender and liar. He lied that darkkirby was the one who made fun of Smoreos tears when his uncle died, yet darkkirby doesn't even know Smoreo and didnt do anything in this. He also pretended to be Rubik7Studios. Galex already know that Rubik was Tofu because of his voice and the things Rubik posted on Twitter. He even annoyed the Shit out of everyone in Underpootis. Tofu says that Galex and the Underpootis are bullies because they raided Sierra's group 2 times. Yet he doesnt know what Sierra has done to them. He also sent Galex racist messages on Skype and said that he wishes Galex died instead of Kenny. He's also a attention whore who tries to get Galex's attention. Tries to get away with everything and being an unoriginal fuck by copying what Galex says. He evens sends death threats to Galex for example he said to Galex "Galex's Neck x Rope" It means Galex committing suicide. He even sends death threats on Twitter. Always mocking Galex By calling him his real name. Theres many things this dickhead as Done. But this is enough for now.